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Copies of PSYCHLOPS questionnaires are available:

here (pre-therapy)

here (during-therapy)

here (post-therapy).

A short introduction to PSYCHLOPS can be viewed here.

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What’s new for 2016?

We have made some changes to this site; if you are a regular visitor, you may need to clear your cache or refresh your browser to see the latest version.

On September 1st 2015, we made all access to PSYCHLOPS free of charge. PSYCHLOPS has always been free for charities, social enterprise organisations and researchers. In legal terms, it will be copyleft (not ‘copyright’) which means that it can be copied freely but not changed without permission from the authors. We are hoping that access and uptake of PSYCHLOPS will be greatly enhanced by making it completely free.

We are also exploring the options for developing an electronic version of PSYCHLOPS. There are considerable issues of data protection to be resolved but we hope to have answers later this year.